KDI School

KDI School of Public Policy and Management was founded in 1997 as the educational arm of the Korea Development Institute (KDI), the country’s leading economic policy think tank. KDI School was established with a two-fold mission: to produce international experts with theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of development economics and public policy; and to foster future leaders who can cope with the rapidly changing international environment and exercise global leadership in every sector of our society.

KDI School, by securing a faculty with outstanding policy research backgrounds, strives to create a rich and interdisciplinary curriculum which combines academic theories with real world practices of policy formulation and implementation. The student body is comprised of mid-career professionals from around the world. KDI School boasts a truly global alumni network that now spans over 90 different countries. The culturally diverse student body allows our students to nurture their international perspectives and acquire relevant skills for global leadership. KDI School also enjoys extensive partnerships with distinguished universities and research institutes around the world to further promote the students' opportunities for global interaction through student exchange and other academic programs.

KDI School aims to solidify Korea’s global leadership in the development field by furthering the Seoul Development Consensus for Shared Growth endorsed at the Seoul G20 Summit. We possess a wealth of accumulated policy research and development consulting experiences from the last four decades, which serves as valuable research assets for our commitment to the Development Consensus. KDI School recognizes the value of sharing development experience in helping developing countries achieve sustainable development. We also remain committed to transforming our students into global leaders with broad perspectives and the capacity to successfully tackle pressing issues in international politics and in the global economy in a balanced manner between advanced and developing countries.