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Brief Definition

The K in K-Developedia stands for Korea, while Developedia is the compound word of Development and Encyclopedia. The term can be defined as an encyclopedia covering all types of resources related to Korea's development experience.

Mission of the K-Developedia

For the past 60 years, the remarkable economic growth of Korea has captured the attention of developing countries and their experts all over the world. However, resources on Korea's development experience are scattered, making it difficult for global societies, especially developing countries, to share the development knowledge that Korea has to date established. K-Developedia was established to build academic fundamentals based on Korea's development model by collecting diverse resources regarding Korea's socioeconomic development experience. It also helps the policy makers and experts of developing countries set up strategies for development policy by allowing them to share knowledge on the various cases Korea has experienced in its development. K-Developedia will make a perpetual effort to collect resources relevant to sharing Korea's development knowledge with countries all over the world, try its best to improve user convenience, and contribute to the growth of the world's development policy.


The KDI School of Public Policy and Management opened K-Developedia for the first time in March 2012, under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Strategy and Finance of Korea. It was then re-launched in November 2012 after surveys for user convenience were administered in order to upgrade the database for better use. As of 2013, K-Developedia starts the mobile service so that more people can access to K-Developedia.

Status of Database Materials

Resource Selection
The K-Developedia advisory committee, which consists of scholars in development cooperation and field experts-economy, industrial and technology, territorial development, social development, government and law and ODA(Official Development Assistance), is in charge of resource selection. All members of the advisory committee contribute to the selection of quality resources regarding Korea's development experience. Since the advisory committee involves experts from not only within KDI School but outside as well, the process of evaluating and selecting resources has great depth.
The process of resource selection and registration is as follows:
  1. Materials related to Korea's development and the development cooperation project are collected from both domestic and international research institutes, as well as from international organizations
  2. Members of the advisory committee select materials they deem fit for their respective categories
  3. All members of the advisory committee partake in a conference to verify and evaluate subject selection results
  4. Subject selection results are registered and added to the K-Developedia database
Resource Subjects (Range of resources included)
Resource subjects refer to policy research and cases of Korea's development experience from an objective point of view. K-Developedia's subject category follows the information in the book "The Korean Economy - Six Decades of Growth and Development" (Korea Development Institute, 2010). With the same standards held for categories, K-Developedia collects objective and comprehensive resources such as publications from Knowledge Sharing Program (KSP) and KSP Modularization on Korea's development experience.
The range of subjects covered in K-Developedia includes research and case studies related to the development and implementation of policies that contributed to Korea's development. It particularly includes, and gives priority to, objective and comprehensive case studies and policy research from Korea's development experience, which have been officially acknowledged and are addressed in "The Korean Economy - Six Decades of Growth and Development" and the KSP Modularization on Korea's Development Experience. Even if the material is not officially recognized as a case in Korea's development experience, it may still be included if it is a policy proposal addressing an issue that Korea faced during the process of its development, or if it is a recent emerging issue.
Types of Resources
Types of resources include reports, academic journals with open access, proceedings, statistical data, and video materials.
Source of Resources & Language
The resources selected for K-Developedia are political resources regarding Korea's development experience that come from domestic and international research institutes, educational institutes, and international organizations. K-Developedia concentrates on collecting resources in English. However, in the case that the resource is in Korean, it goes through a translation procedure in which particular contents are given priority. The title and the abstract are translated first and the full translated in due course.

K-Developedia's Target Audience

K-Developedia hopes to benefits: donor countries, receiving countries, the Development Assistance Committee and other development aid agencies, Development Bank, private sectors, as well as researchers and students.


K-Developedia consists of Development Overview, Resources, Projects, Events, Statistics, Links.
  • "Development Overview" is a platform for the study on Korea's economic history. Main topics in Korea's development experience are categorized into five areas: (1) Economy, (2) Industrial and Technology, (3) Territorial Development, (4) Social Development, (5) Government and Law, and (6) ODA(Official Development Assistance) which are portrayed in four different time periods: (1) 1945-1959, (2) 1960-1979, (3) 1980-1997, (4) 1998-present. You many also find related resources to these topics at the bottom of their respective pages.
  • "Resources" is a collection of research work, conference proceedings, and other materials on various development issues regarding Korea's development experience, which was gathered from selected Korean and international institutes.
  • "Projects" provides specialized information that has been collected through significant development cooperation projects that have been conducted in order to share Korea's development experience with partner countries, including consulting programs, development cases, infrastructure feasibility studies and capacity building workshops.
  • "Events" provides information on development assistance programs implemented by Korea, including workshops, conferences and forums etc. Information for "Event" is selected with the same standards used for "Resources". Updates are being made for more user convenience to provide users with useful information on development issues, as well as data and outcomes of events regarding Korea's development experience. As for presentation materials, the resource can be registered only if the presenter gives K-Developedia approval of material use.
  • "Statistics" provides key socio-economic indicators and development-related data for Korea.
  • "Links" comprises of three sub-menus: "Data & Statistics", "Country profiles", and "Related Institutes". "Data & Statistics" introduces web-links to useful development statistics data. "Country profiles" provides web-links to country profile information of approximately 200 countries. "Related institutes" provides web-links to the respective websites of various development-related institutions.
  • "Featured resources" shows significant core resources that illustrate Korea's development experience and is renewed every 4 weeks.

Search Functions

Advanced search
Users can find resources by searching for title, year, category, material type, country, and series title through the advanced search function.
Users can easily access other words with the similar meanings resources through the Synonyms function from the resource that you initially found.
Cross-Reference Function
K-Developedia has a cross-reference function in which users are provided with a variety of methods for finding related search results, making it easier to collect wanted materials.
Key Word
Users can take advantage of the "Hot" Key Words located below the main search box which displays popular search words that many other users have previously typed in. After entering a search word into the search box, users can find "Related" Key Words below the search box and utilize these key words to find related resources, as well as the "Tag Cloud" function located at the upper left corner of the screen.
Statistical data
Users can search for statistical data covering Korea's development experience. Users may find more detailed statistical data under the "Link" menu.


The resources that K-Developedia holds are valuable research data and materials implemented by leading research institutes and researchers from all over the world. Thus, all the materials registered in the database are owned by the author and are copyrighted. If you have any questions or suggested areas for improvement, do not hesitate to contact us via email. K-Developedia is willing to recognize the needs of all users and will do its best to provide optimal satisfaction.